June 20th – Home
Introducing Cats To The RV

Since we have a few, we thought it best to test the waters with our mellowest, Moonshine. She wasn’t excited to have her tail slammed in the crate by Maria – made it not such a good start. Once in the RV, she slunk about for 10 minutes on the ground, unsure of where she was. Once I lifted her up and she looked out the window, she was all about getting up onto things to check out the view. She eventually spread herself out on the bed, and was fine until the Culligan water truck pulled in to my neighbor’s drive. I think it was too close and too loud, so now she hid behind the toilet until I pulled her out and she settled for the tub instead. There definitely is some trepidation – she is not sure if this is a good or a bad thing yet…

In the meantime – this is a really comfortable “office”! Quiet, breezy and with a view of the lake! Kinda feel like I am on vacation already… we’ll call it a warm up.


May 20th: Tappan Lake Fishing Trip

Today was the first time we towed the boat with RVimana, and she did AWESOME! Nice little trip to test the wheels, so to speak – about an hour and 20 minutes from home. It was awesome to get in and have some chilled beverages from the fridge after a sunny day of fishing. We liked Tappan Lake and would go back for sure! EEE is fishing a tournament here this weekend…


April 30th – May 1st
Huber Hts., Beavercreek, OH
John Bryan State Park

Now its Maria’s turn to bowl Ohio USBC WBA States in the suburbs of Dayton. We had another interesting drive – this time it was rain, lots of it! We made it safely, with perfect timing to sign in, get ready and bowl the team event! Maria bowled a 226 in her 2nd game, earning herself a pin!

John Bryan State Park will definitely be on our places to go back to for a day or 2. It had numerous trails, a gorge and was right on the Muskingum River with smallmouth bass fishing. We didn’t get to see much. Kaycee and I explored some closed parts of the campground on a morning walk. It was beautiful – perfectly quiet and peaceful. We were there the last weekend of self-registration, with only about 6 other RV’ers and a really soggy boy scout troop.  It was our first “official” camping over nighter, and I almost felt guilty eating spaghetti & meatballs with a glass of wine by candlelight with those poor boy scouts out there… almost.

Beautiful ride home -calm winds and warm,sunny day with the windows open. Really enjoyed the Ohio countryside with my honey by my side… highlight of the day after a rough bowling session.


March 18th – Rossford, Ohio

Stretched her legs a little farther today – 142 miles to Rossford, Ohio, where EEE will be bowling USBC States April 9th & 10th. Checked out Interstate Lanes and stopped at Bass Pro Shops to spend a gift card EEE got for Christmas on some fishing stuff. Was happy to see a Camping World right next door -I know where we will be staying April 9th!

It was also Kaycee’s first time being left in her travel crate while we made several short stops to eat, visit family and shop. We would highly recommend this kind of “training trip” for your dog – you will be able to see how they react to being left alone and combat any barking or stress issues prior to venturing out on a longer trip.

I found that having her restrained by leash to the cockpit of the RV was more comfortable for her than traveling in her crate. I secured it to my chair. She has @ 5 foot radius to move about in, but will not become a projectile upon sudden stops. She can’t reach under the driver’s feet, but can curl up under mine in the passenger area, or sit on my lap and look out the window, which she seems to enjoy. She just barely reached the bench, where she stretched out and slept for much of the way home.